10 Watch Books For Collectors & Aficionados (2022)

Watch Books For Collectors & Aficionados

We understand! You are a watch enthusiast that is looking for something inspiring that gives your passion meaning. First and foremost, what’s the thrill about watches anyway? To that question and many others is given a good and beyond explanation that comes from people who are good at both: watches and writing. 

A book will freeze some thoughts to your mind for the rest of your life, something that an article or scrolling endlessly on social media can’t do. Find meaning, read thrilling stories, expand your knowledge, and have something to accompany your morning coffee with. After all, when was the last time you read a book about horology? So take a look at what every watch book is about and opt for the one that looks more exciting to you.  Check them below!

The Impossible Collection of Watches By Nick Foulkes 

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Assouline, a New York-based French luxury publisher, has been issuing their Impossible Collection series for some time, and when they decided to do one on watches, they enlisted the help of legendary luxury writer Nick Foulkes, who literally wrote the book on Patek Philippe, among many other significant works. The book contains 100 timepieces handpicked by Foulkes, ranging from pocket clocks crafted for royalty to first editions of Mid-Century classics, jaw-droppingly magnificent grand complexities, and the finest sports watches ever created. Not only is his curation flawless, but his introductory essay is one of the finest watch overviews ever written. The book is physically massive, with many hand-tipped prints (individual leaves pasted onto the book’s pages), and is the type of book you’d pass down from generation to generation. Much like a grail watch!

A Man and His Watch By Matt Hranek

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Matthew Hranek’s concept was straightforward: ask a group of men to choose their most meaningful watch and tell us about it. This book was the first of its kind. Whether it’s Sly Stallone’s gold Daytona, Ralph Lauren’s Cartier, someone’s grandfather’s watch, or simply a cherished childhood toy, the reader realizes that the true value of a watch is its personal connection to its owner. These memories connect the reader to the persons included in the book (both famous and obscure), and A Man and His Watch may make you reconsider your own watch collection. Great experience! Great value!

The Wristwatch Handbook By Ryan Schmidt

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In his 2017 book, The Wristwatch Handbook, Ryan Schmidt takes us on a tour through the history of mechanical wristwatches. This book provides fascinating information about the evolution and progress of mechanical wristwatches in the twenty-first century.

With over 470 color pictures, every watch lover may learn about 90 distinct mechanical watch makers. In today’s world, when mechanical devices may soon become outdated, the author observes an increased admiration and collecting of mechanical wristwatches by many people throughout the world.

The stories of split-second chronograph, 1000 Hz mechanical escapement, a huge range of complications, a fifty-day power reserve, and more are centered on the time of the quartz movement to help you comprehend the actual marvel of what transpires beneath the dial of a mechanical watch. Have the nerves to go through hundreds of pages and find the secrets of modern mechanical watches? Then go for it!

THE WATCH (Thoroughly Revised)

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THE WATCH, which was released in 2008, heralded a shift in what a watch book could be. The revised edition, with Stephen Pulvirent as co-author, is an updated version. The book is practically an alphabetized encyclopedia of watch brands, with no exclusions worth noting. The Watch was founded on and continues to be distinguished by, its compact, yet comprehensive brand profiles. 

The writers’ expert choice of timepieces so clearly expresses each brand’s attitude that it shows the horological brain trust at work here. The Watch is a must-read for anybody new to watches, and for the experienced, it’s a must-reference as well as a fun read. Exploring horology through books has never looked easier! 

Chasing Time: Vintage Wristwatches for the Discerning Collector

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Alistar Gibbons, a vintage watch aficionado and author, delves into the world of antique timepieces in his 2018 release, Chasing Time: Vintage Wristwatches for the Discerning Collector. In this book, the author observes that mechanical timepieces have made a comeback following the advent of the quartz mechanism.

The rationale is straightforward: mechanical timepieces do more than just tell time. They have a soul and a narrative, and if properly cared for, they may be your lifetime friend. With these considerations in mind, the author shows some exceptional antique collections in this watch book through images, rigorous research, and interesting information for any watch collector and aficionado. Chasing Time is a picture collection of old timepieces that spans over 15 years. Surely not to be missed if you love vintage watches!

Watch Repair for Beginners

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Watch Repair for Beginners, first published in 1957, teaches how to repair your watch or take up watch repair as a hobby. This beginner’s tutorial teaches you the fundamentals of a watch, including the many components employed, as well as the mechanics of the wheels. Learn how to clean, maintain, and repair your watch from the comfort of your own home, or start your own side company to earn some extra income in your spare time!

The author takes us through a fundamental grasp of watchmaking, including how to tell the difference between an automatic watch, a chronograph, and a clock. To this point, many students at horological schools have used this watch book as a reference to learn the fundamentals. However, given the author’s expertise and easy-to-understand content, you may use this as a home study. Would recommend it to every watch enthusiast interested in learning the ABC of watchmaking. 

Sea Time: Watches Inspired by Sailing, Yachting, and Diving

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Sea Time is a light book about horology and maritime experiences. It  features nearly 100 timepieces designed specifically for marine trips. This book is a pleasant read if you like nautical watches. It details the genesis, history of creating such watches, and amazing information from the sea.

The marvelous Sea Time is divided into chapters and follows the stories of ‘The Icon’ watches based on Rolex Submariner and Fifty Fathoms, ‘Sailing and Regatta’ watches that are often overshadowed by industry powerhouses, ‘Sea Time’ watches focusing on the complexity and ingenuity in manufacturing and assembling nautical watches, ‘Dive Watches’ and ‘By The Pool & Seashore’ watches. 

Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee

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Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee, was released back in 2019 by the popular watch editorial platform with the same name. Hodinkee, well-known for delivering the most recent updates on various brands, has poured a decade’s worth of experience into this book, resulting in a complete introduction to timepieces and watchmaking.

The watch book is filled with photographs and graphics, making it a delightful visual treat for readers. It delves into several elements of watchmaking by covering a wide variety of subjects such as different brands, different watches, their types, importance, and functions. The writers of the book discuss a brief history, chronographs, diving watches, military watches, travel watches, complexities, ladies watches, and dress watches in nine chapters. Beginners, veterans, and curious people should all check it out. 

Watchmaking by George Daniels

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Watchmaking was released in 2011 by George Daniels. Daniels has been a figurehead in the world of luxury watchmaking for many years due to his great successes with mechanical timepieces. For example, the creation of the coaxial escapement and the hand-building of the entire watch. Watchmaking is a comprehensive guide on building a watch from the ground up.

This step-by-step guide to constructing your own watch is inspired by the author’s years of watchmaking knowledge as well as the art of making something with your hands. With the goal of inspiring a new generation of watchmakers, this book not only describes how to create a simple clock but also how to use conventional equipment and processes, as well as how to design complexities like a tourbillon. A one-of-a-kind crash course in watchmaking! 

Wristwatches: The Models That Made an Age

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Wristwatches, written by Paolo De Vecchi and Alberto Uglietti, is a list of the top 55 watch brands. The book delves at the evolution of wristwatches from the first watch manufactured in 1900 through modern-day timepieces. This book dispels the mystery behind the most famous timepieces, including the employment of new technology, the evolution of new shapes and styles, and unrivaled features.

This book sheds light on icons such as the Submariner, Royal Oak, Calatrava, and Swatch while focusing on societal influence and daily usage. In a nutshell, Models That Earned an Age pays homage to luxury timepieces that have made a name for themselves in the world of horology. This book would make an excellent gift for a watch enthusiast or an excellent addition to your personal library.