Watch Review: LOCMAN Mare 300 MT

Watch Review: LOCMAN Mare 300 MT
Watch Review: LOCMAN Mare 300 MT

From Italy with love: Here comes a new diver’s watch that is made to accompany you in ocean depths as well as bring that profundity up to the top. The new Locman Mare 300 MT (metric) is the latest addition from the Italian-based watch manufacturer – Locman. In a nutshell, the watch marries the concept of traditional diver’s watches and modern dive equipment, it comes in four different color variants, and the price tags start from $565 up to $745.

Indeed Locman has managed to come up with a model studied in detail for all diving enthusiasts out there. The watch is dressed in exquisite marine colors and is able to perform at its best in-depth. 

The Italian brand has been working expertly on the structural details of the watch, beginning with a 44 mm AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) 316L steel case with a camouflaged tonneau profile, made clearer and unmistakable by the shape of the satin titanium caseback, fixed by 4 screws and integrated by a crystal glass porthole to allow observation of the automatic caliber with a skeletonized rotor.

Four Different Dial Variations From Which You Can Choose From

The Locman Mare line is brought to diving enthusiasts but not only in four different dial variations. Inspired by the oceans, the watches have ombré displays that mimic the colors of water, with full color giving way to milder tones around 6 o’clock. Black fades to anthracite gray, deep blue to a more translucent tint, and bright green to a pale green. 

The steel variant with a Rose Gold PVD coating, on the other hand, has a full black dial. A highly-technological stainless-steel bracelet is used to keep the self-winding Mare 300 MT attached to your wrist. It is well merged with the case and adds to the watch’s sporting vibe as well. 

You can also opt for a vegetable-tinted strap made of silicone. Either way, both are hypoallergenic. Staying true to its Italian roots, the new Locman Mare 300 MT comes with a patriotic touch – the Italian flag colors perfectly positioned at the 6 o’clock position. 

Locman Mare 300 MT Model ref. 0559A24A-00KBNKB0

300 Meters (≈1000ft) Water Resistant 

Thanks to its screw-down crown and the exceptional work done in achieving an airtight case, the new Locman Mare 300 MT is capable of maintaining accurate timekeeping even in depths of 300 meters (≈1000ft). The watch comes with the properties of a professional dive watch. Included is a legible dial. It is achieved by the large luminous hands and markers. 

Legibility is of utmost importance on a dive watch. Understandably, it allows divers to easily keep track of time underwater where sunlight is rare. Secondly, but more important, comes the time measuring system. This time also divers can use their Locman Mare 300 MT to keep track of elapsed time underwater, make the necessary calculations, all thanks to a unidirectional rotating bezel. The latter features an undoubtedly strong motion and a gently curved anodized aluminum inlay that you will love. 

Locman Mare 300 MT Model ref. 0559M01R-0RBKRGB0 

Price to Quality Ratio

In terms of finishing and workmanship, the new Locman dive watch gets an 8 out of 10 rating from us. I would say that the watch’s strongest points are the design and reliability underwater. It is indeed a tool dive watch suitable for swimming and diving. As aforementioned, the watch complies with all the requirements for a professional dive watch. To further appreciate the Italian workmanship we took a closer look at the dial. 

You will soon notice that the markers and hands are carefully hand-polished, creating that beautiful high shine. Another good aspect that makes the new Locman Mare 300 MT worth its money are the materials. It comes either with a stainless steel bracelet or a silicone strap, both hypoallergenic. To add, the caseback is made of titanium, making the watch more lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

 Locman Mare 300 MT model ref. 0559A25A-00KANKB (Currently unavailable from brand’s website)

Gig’s Corner: What would we have wanted to be different on the watch? 

The movement. What ticks underneath is as important as the dial and other aspects of the watch altogether. The movement depends if the watch will maintain accurate timekeeping even after a few years, or start losing or gaining a few minutes every day. 

At this price range, Locman is competing with the Swiss-made cut-throat entry-level watches. A mechanism from reliable powerhouses like ETA, Ronda, Sellita, or Miyota; or better yet, an entirely in-house movement, would have guaranteed Locman the first place in this marathon instantly. But that is too much to ask, considering that outsourcing movements from ETA would add another $200 or $300 to the price tag. Additional finishing and COSC certifications are additional costs.

Locman Mare 300 MT with silicone strap Model ref: 0559A26A-00KLNKSL2

However, the Italian-based manufacturer has managed to come up with a reliable movement, while keeping the expenses low, resulting in an affordable price tag for us, the watch lovers. It’s a win-win for as long as the watch maintains accurate timekeeping. To understand the movement’s accuracy, simply take a look at the image above…You will see that the second hand perfectly points on the minute marker at the bezel, and the date is positioned in the center of the window. 

As stated on the brand’s website, Locman watches are backed by the experience and technical know-how of SIO (Italian School of Watchmaking). Locman established the SIO – Italian School of Watchmaking in 2006 with the purpose of developing a research center and constantly checking the quality of their watches. SIO has validated and enhanced the mechanisms of its key collections throughout the years, collaborating with firms on particular initiatives.

Locman’s headquarters – Elba Island in Tuscany region, Italy

FAQ About Locman Mare 300 MT

How Much Does Locman Mare 300 MT Cost?

Locman Mare 300 MT comes in different variations. You can configure yours and give it a touch of personalization directly from the brand’s website. As for each model’s price, check them below:

  • Model ref. 0559A24A-00KBNKB0 –  $ 675 (Steel bracelet, blue to black dial)
  • Model ref: 0559A26A-00KLNKB0 –  $ 675 (Steel bracelet, green to black dial)
  • Model ref. 0559M01R-0RBKRGB0 – $ 745 (Steel bracelet, black dial, rose gold bezel & crown)
  • Model ref. 0559A25A-00KANKB0 – ≈$ 600 (Steel bracelet, black to gray) Currently unavailable from the brand’s website.

Is Locman Mare 300 MT A Professional Dive Watch?

Although the brand hasn’t obtained any certain certifications like ISO 6425, nonetheless the Mare 300 MT is a professional and reliable dive watch. It is rated as 300 meters water-resistant, provides legibility underwater, and comes with the diver’s rotating bezel. 

Is Locman Mare 300 MT Worth Buying?

The new Mare 300 MT is a dive watch made from quality materials and its accuracy is backed by a  reputable watch brand like Locman. It is well-priced and the movement is accurate. The watch is rated as 300 meters water-resistant, making it suitable for swimming and diving, or other water-based sports.

Where Is Locman Mare 300 MT Made?

The new Locman Mare 300 MT is made in Italy, on the Island of Elba, where the brand’s headquarters have been since its foundation in 1968. Locman is one of the very few Italian watch brands that have an actual production line in Italy. The new Mare 300 MT is somehow inspired by the brand’s long-lasting correlation with the sea. 

Is Locman Mare 300 MT Suitable for Swimming or Diving?

Feel free to keep your Italian-made watch on the wrist wherever you go. Thanks to the watch’s airtight case construct and its screw-down crown, you can freely swim or dive in the ocean’s depths using your Locman Mare 300 MT. 

What Movements Does Locman Mare 300 MT Use?

Although unspecified on the brand’s website, the new Locman Mare 300 MT appears to be using an automatic movement that has been customized in-house. As stated above, the brand works closely with S.I.O. (Italian School of Watchmaking). The latter is responsible for the movements of Locman watches. 

It takes a simple look from the watch’s case back to understand that the mechanical movement is simple yet reliable. It comes with a 3HZ frequency and provides a good two days of power reserve.

Bonus Section: A Brief Introduction To The Locman Watch Brand

You learned almost everything about the Locman Mare 300 MT. But what about the brand that stands behind this watch? In a nutshell, Locman is an Italian watch brand founded in 1986 on the Island of Elba, Italy. To this day the production of watches is carried out entirely on the island. 

Throughout the years the Locman watch brand has managed to create an array of watch models, ranging from dress to tool watches. The watches are reasonably priced, falling in an entry-level luxury category. As part of the brand’s uninterrupted efforts in developing accurate timekeeping instruments, S.I.O (Italian School of Watchmaking) was created in 2006. 

To add, just recently Locman purchased Genesi, the historic Italian movement manufacturer that has been operating since 1969. The latter is a true human, technological, and patent heritage that will bring Locman closer to in-house mechanical movements and exceptional analog visualization.