Ten Watches To Wear While Actually Being Active

Ten Watches To Wear While Actually Being Active

Being active is what a human is meant to be. Whether if you’re looking to take part in the next Triathlon, or want a watch that can accompany you outdoors, or a wristwatch that can help keep track of time on your morning run, you have landed in the right article. 

In no particular order, below you will find ten watches to wear while actually being active. These types of watches include diver watches, fitness trackers, smartwatches, and some badass durable timepieces that are meant to resist as long as you can. 

Suunto 9 Baro

It is great to see how much wrist technology has evolved in recent years. Suunto 9 Baro is the reflection of it. It is a GPS sports watch that features a complete package of sensors and options that will help you outdoors. Mentioning here weather functions, a barometer, and health monitoring sensors like the heart rate sensor and the stress and recovery option. 

And this is just the beginning. This outdoor watch comes with a build-in in GPS that uses motion sensor data to help you keep track of your path and at the same time preserve battery life without compromising accuracy. In terms of durability, 9 Baro is all you can ask for. It has a 100-meter water resistance rating, which, however, is okay for short-term swims but not diving. To come in defense, Suunto 9 Baro owns the US military standard 810H that can be achieved after successfully passing several tests that include shock and drop, extreme temperatures, sand and dust, freezing rain, and humidity. 

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Garmin Instinct 

And next for our watches to wear while being active recommendations, comes Garmin Instinct. A watch that can, without doubt, be considered as one of the best watches for outdoorsmen. Why? Well, it has a great design but what we applaud is its functionality. It also meets the US Military standard 810 for shock, thermal, and water resistance. 

For the watch case, the manufacturer has chosen a fiber-reinforced polymer. And for the watch display, a chemically strengthened scratch-resistant glass. If a badass durable watch is what you are after, look no further as Instinct from Garmin has what it takes. And if you are interested in its functionality, the watch sports a vast catalog of sensors and options that will help you while being active. Including here access to global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) altimeter, barometer, and a compass. It doesn’t end here! From health monitoring sensors to dog tracking options, and everything in between, Garmin Instinct is truly a watch you can rely on.

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Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic

After being blasted with the latest word of wrist technology, let us do a step back and honor the classics. Although it is a masterpiece, when it comes to Hamilton Khaki Field it is a matter of choice. The watch doesn’t come with sensors and options but it is durable and accurate timekeeping is what Hamilton has been known for since 1892. As for this watch, it comes with an automatic movement that needs your wrist kinetic energy to get to work and make the watch’s hands move.

Its case is made of titanium, a material as strong as stainless steel but lighter. And since you want your watch to be comfortable and feel good while practicing, there you have it. Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic is lightweight that you will almost forget you are wearing it. And titanium also is biocompatible. Meaning it does not cause irritations to the skin. Good to know!

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Archimede OutDoor 41. A. LS Titanium

Coming now with a watch that you will not see that often on people’s wrists. Archimede is an affordable luxury German watch brand that flies under the radar. The watch we have chosen to feature in our article is the OurDoor 41. A. LS Titanium. The name of the watch might seem complicated but the design is not. It comes with a black dial where white luminous Arabic numerals and markers are perfectly aligned. The watch hands are also treated with a luminous tip for supreme legibility at night. As for its superpowers, the watch comes with an antimagnetic titanium case, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with A/R coating, and 20 bar of water resistance. Further features include a date window perfectly positioned at the three o’clock position and a black leather strap with a titanium buckle. And for an extra $50, you can get your watch a silicone or canvas strap, to eventually make it more sporty and less classy. 

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Fitbit Sense

As mentioned in the beginning, this article would not make sense without some decent fitness trackers. And Fitbit Sense is the flagship of watches to wear while being active. It is a reliable smartwatch that delivers nothing but the necessary options a sports watch must have. Mentioning Reminders, Alexa, GPS, Voice Assistant, Weather Functions, Smartphone compatibility, and Bluetooth. A full charge will provide up to six days of battery life and the heath sensors and monitors will eventually make you feel better in the long run. A heart rate sensor and a stress management option are the features you can appreciate the most. 

As for the design, FitBit Sense is practical, easy to wear, lightweight, and comfortable. It costs around $200, and for what’s being offered, the wearer must be quite impressed.

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Seiko SKX007

Highly regarded as one of the best divers watches ever manufactured, Seiko SKX007 needs no introduction in the watch enthusiasts community. The timepiece created by the giant Japanese manufacturer features a sleek design that embodies the true diver watch’s properties. Starting with the highly legible watch hands and markers treated with luminous paint. Continuing with the divers’ unidirectional rotating bezel and the crown unusually positioned at four o’clock. Seiko SKX007 provides up to 200 meters of water resistance and it has been the watch of choice for many divers all around the globe. 

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Alpina AlpinerX 

We could not miss the chance to leave out a good watch that frankly, deserves more attention. AlpinerX from Alpina is an analog-digital watch that features a black dial with mat finishing and a digital screen. The navy blue glass-fiber case is perfectly combined with a red rubber strap to remind us this is an outdoors watch. As one, it comes with health monitors, get-active alerts, smart sleep alarms, and a UV indicator. What’s more, the watch functions include a dual time for world travelers, a compass, and a barometer. It is limited to 40 pieces and by the time you will have read this article it would be probably gone. 

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Citizen BN0150-28E Eco-Drive Promaster Diver 

Two things that this Citizen BN0150-28E and the Seiko SKX007 have in common are the design and their origin. They both come from Japan. However, what you will love on BN0150-28E Eco-Drive Promaster from Citizen is its Eco-Drive technology. The watch runs by light as it uses the energy not only from the sun but any light source to keep the watch ticking. It also features a date compilation, the window of who can be spotted at the four o’clock position. The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters and might be the last diver watch you will ever need.

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Casio Pro Trek PRG-650Y-1CR

We always like to spoil the G-Shock line of Casio forgetting in some way that there are other collections from Casio worth admiring and reviewing. The PRO Trek line is the perfect example. Introducing a night safari concept model for the lineup of Triple Sensor Version 3 PRO TREK models. The outside bands are all black, with sleek designs and subdued color schemes that maintain readability while out at night during your next adventure! And don’t worry about durability; these watches come equipped with DURA-SOFT silicone rubber straps which will keep up no matter what obstacles await on this path forward into the darkness.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 

Last but not least important comes Mi Band 4 from Xiaomi. The watch is the “best bang for your buck” as with less than $50 you can get your hands on countless options, features, and sensors to help you be healthier by being active. The idle alert for example is a great reminder to help you be more active. The heart rate monitor ensures you are healthy and always aware of unexpected occurrences. Furthermore, the fitness tracker is equipped with a sleep monitor and comes with six workout modes (swimming, running, treadmill, cycling, walking, and exercise). 

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The Bottom Line

Above you were introduced to some of the best watches to wear while being active. While these recommendations are mostly based on personal preferences, there might be better fitness trackers, outdoors watches and diver watches out there. It is up to you to find and pick the watch that will not only adorn your wrist but also help you be more active.