12 Good Reasons to Wear a Watch

12 Good Reasons to Wear a Watch
12 Good Reasons to Wear a Watch

As you may or may not know, around 100 years ago, right before the start of the First World War, men used pocket watches to keep track of time while wristwatches were considered a woman’s accessory. Everything changed when army leaders decided to equip their soldiers with wristwatches. This not only would help them keep track of time more effectively but also synchronize attack plans faster. In the following years, conventional wristwatches were used in every industry, helping a man achieve greater results. It became a necessary companion, an important tool, not to say the only available timekeeping instrument. Watches were used everywhere. From diving to space exploration and everything in between, the role of a wristwatch was immense. But what about today? What reasons do we have to wear a wristwatch with all those digital screens around us? Well, in today’s article, we’ll take a look at 12 good reasons to wear a watch. Check them below…

Watches help make a good impression

Without a doubt, watches help you transmit a sense of credibility and professionalism. Did you even know that? All it takes is to take a look at high-ranking people’s wrists and professionals. 90% of the time all of them are wearing a watch. In addition, a work suit without a wristwatch seems incomplete. So guys, if you want to boost your professionalism and credibility (appearance-wise) you will need a good watch to match your outfit. (Check out our checklist of the 9 Best Dress Watches under $ 1000)

Keep track of time

That’s a no-brainer! But with so much technology and digital screens around us, we sometimes forget the first good reason for wearing a watch. Before technology revolutionized our lives, a watch was the only timekeeping tool and was very important for that particular task. Although not as important as they used to be in the past, even today watches are still convenient and reliable. We all have found ourselves in different situations where for some reason (dead battery or when you’re in a meeting) we could not access our smartphones. Well, conventional watches simply don’t have such weaknesses. 

Affordable, reliable, and looks good on the wrist – Casio Duro MDV106-1AV

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A good watch can become a family heirloom

One of the best reasons to wear a watch or at least own one is to pass it down to your next generation and so on. A good, reliable watch will last for decades and with little maintenance on the way, it can become a precious family heirloom filled with emotions and stories from the past.

Classic and elegant: Patek Philippe Golden Elipse 5738P-001

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Manage your time better

A watch helps its owner be punctual and aware of time. Ever wondered why there is no wall clock in a nightclub or restaurant? (in restaurants at least half of the time) People don’t want their customers to feel the sense of time, which makes them leave earlier, and eventually, spend less. On the positive end, it is a good thing as you are spending some quality time with your loved ones. However, wearing a watch will always keep you aware of time, and as studies show, as a watch wearer, you can be more punctual and conscientious. 

Vintage-Inspired, water-resistant, perfect for everyday use – Baltic Aquascaphe

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Some watches do more than just keep track of time

And by some, we are referring to tool watches. Some watches that fall in this category are pilot watches, dive watches, field watches, GMT watches, anti-magnetic watches, medical watches, etc. Their name almost describes their functionality or at least the field or industry these watches are used the most. And you don’t necessarily need to be a pilot to wear a pilot watch or a diver to wear a dive watch. Some do it just for the cheer of it. But for the professionals, these watches are the tools they rely on to complete their daily tasks successfully and punctually. 

Swiss Made pilot tool watch: Alpina Startimer Heritage Chronograph

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A conventional watch is not subject to technological obsolescence

We’ll have to admit. Nowadays, even the ones wearing a watch double-check with their phones, laptops, PCs, or TVs, to tell the time. And many others opt for a smartwatch. Something that can help them with other things on the way like health monitoring sensors, physical activity trackers, and not to forget about the online connectivity. Well, after the roast of conventional watches, do you know one thing technology doesn’t have? Let’s call it “time-resistance”. A smartwatch will serve you well, for at least the first 3 to 4 years. But with the wrist technology evolving and being updated by the week, your smartwatch will soon hit the museum. The opposite happens with conventional watches. No matter if it is quartz or automatic, a good conventional watch will serve you well for decades, not to say, centuries. 

A badass durable watch that will last for ages: Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto

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Adorn your wrist with style    

The first good reason to wear a watch is to keep track of time. The second good reason is to adorn your wrist and add style to your apparel. The world of watches has something to offer to everyone. Depending on the budget, the functions of the watch, its case shape, dial type, material, water resistance, countless brands have filled the watch’s marketplace with countless variations and there is always room for more. 

Stylish and insanely exiting – Casio A100WEPC Pac-Man watch

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Watches serve as great conversation starters

So you got yourself a date tomorrow night and you are looking to impress that special one. Or maybe you’re gathering with the boys to have a couple of beers and want something on the wrist that is noticeable and can speak for itself. I know I’m sounding a lot like a jeweler but this is the best I can do to stress enough how well-fitted some watches can be. I’m referring to those playful and unique novelty watches that feature unconventional designs noticeable from miles away. Conversation starter watches make people around you so curious about their concept or design, so being prepared for a questionnaire is advised. 

Best conversation starter watch: A Perfectly Useless Afternoon by Mr. Jones Watches

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Make a statement 

Its design is the first connection you have with the watch. If you like it and it feels good on your wrist, you should probably wear it. As aforementioned, a watch’s main function, timekeeping, is just not as important as it used to be. Instead, we wear them to make ourselves feel good and use them as a form of self-expressionism. Same as with clothes, we like uniqueness and something that defines us, what we appreciate and we want to represent. So if you’re trying to make a statement, a good watch can do it perfectly for you. 

A glorious watch with a creative exquisite character – Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921

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Embrace the tradition of craftsmanship 

The first mechanical watches as we know them today started to show up hundreds of years ago. Genius craftsmen all around the world learned to capture the sense of time passing by and display it in a bunch of gears. So yes… Today we can easily take the timekeeping process for granted. But if we look hundreds of years back, today’s refined watchmaking craftsmanship would be mistaken for witchcraft. Mechanical and automatic watches, in particular, allow us to appreciate and enjoy the significant craft mastered by artisans and established brands all over the world. Time is a substantial but abstract concept and a watch is a tool to help you not miss a second of it. 

The independent watchmaker of the moment: Hajime Asaoka (Kurono Tokyo watch) 

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Casually show wealth…and collect watches.

You’re a really big baller because you make $1M and spend it on Richard Mille and Rolex boutiques or find them online. Seriously, if you’re on a mission to burn your hard-earned money as fast as you possibly can, simply get into the hobby of watch collecting. However, with established and sought-after watch models like P.P. Nautilus (impossible to get), A.P. Royal Oak, Rolexes, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, JLC, etc. you will soon understand that these watches hold their value and some even have positive growth in price. And the best thing is that you can casually show wealth. Most rich people do and only the equally rich or watch lovers can understand what they’re wearing. If you find watch collecting interesting, check out our related article: 7 Ways to survive as a watch lover on a budget.

A legendary watch every collector must have: Tag Heuer Monaco

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Use your watch as a compass

A very good reason to wear a watch is that you can always find your way back home. Well, that if you’re lost in the middle of nowhere and if you know a thing or two about geography. Military crews all around the world learn about it and are trained to use a watch as a compass. In theory, use the crown to point the hour hand to the sun and draw an imaginary line that lies between the 12 o’clock marker and the hour hand. The imaginary line shows south-north. That is if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere. This useful wikiHow page has a completive illustration. If you’re willing to learn it, better do it well and avoid a thriller movie scenario coming into life. 

A reliable compass watch: Luminox Ice Sar Arctic 1200 

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